2005 BMW 645Ci Q&A

2005 BMW 645Ci Question: my transmission

i was sitting with my car ideling an all of a sudden a warning flashing that my transmission would only shift from reverse to 1st an 2nd gear an when i drove it those where the only gears it would drive in i added transmission fluid from the neighborhood store an it drove for a day an went out again -
Answer 1
By all means take your 645 to a very good transmission shop. http://repairpal.com/directory?address=34208&car_brand_names=BMW -
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The repair shop is telling me that the new fluid is $448 and @ $19.95/half liter that equates to approx 11.5 liters of fluid. Is this correct?
but car still drivable but reduces acceleration.
after which I need to jump the car off to start it again.