My transaxle light is on and the car shakes when in drive, help me!? on 2001 Ford Taurus

So I recently replaced an a/c compressor, put steering fluid in, engine coolant, free-on, a new idler and new fan. I took my manifold off to get to the a/c compressor and think maybe I messed up the o2 censor wires. But anyways the car now shakes when you accelerate it and the speedometer doesn't even move, the rpm stays at about 800rpm when in park and it works fine in reverse though. Also when in drive if I don't try to accelerate it backs up on its own when in drive. Any help on the problem?

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Take it to a service center so they can check your work, maybe pinched or disconnected something.
Like I said it won't be able to make it anywhere. I could walk faster than this car drives right now. I won't need to replace my tranny will I?
Wished I could say no, but it needs to be diagnosed to make that decision. T he light being on tells me that something is wrong, but need more information.
What kind of info? Do you think maybe it's just a fuse? There's a shop down the road, I guess I'll get it towed and see what they have to say.
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