my transaction engage light comes on what do that mean on 2007 Cadillac CTS

when I apply my brakes sometimes my light come on that say transaction engage some times it come on when I am driving

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Usually the computer is recognizing one or more of your wheel sensor are not working properly. This function is supposed to see if a wheel is not turning. At this point the electronic brake control module is supposed to release and then reapply the brakes at that wheel. This action is what the Anti Lock Brakes function is designed to do. When the computer recognizes a malfunction in the steering to braking system it will react to the recognized problem. If you haven't noticed the driving or steering corrections there is still a problem. Have it tested by service provider that has a Tech2 scan tool. They will be able to read all the modules on your vehicle, and be able to correct it.
Anytime, Don't forget the steering sensor, I have changed many of them. Lots of them tell the computer you have your wheels turned when your driving straight. Computer does not compute. LOL.
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