My Toyota cranks but is not getting gas to fire. I'm told it is the distributor. on 1993 Toyota Corolla

Price estimate for repair? Details or other parts?

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First how do you know it's not getting gas, what test was performed to confirm? Have you, or anyone, checked for spark at the spark plugs??
Actually I just started it like normal and it died. Called the shop to come get it. I just don't want to get ripped off. It's still sitting there..
I own one just like it! The fist thing that needs to be done is check for igntion fire, if none the suspect is the distrbutor! After fuses have been tested.
Great! Thanks! Itasca is a very small Texas town and he's the only guy here to work on it. Have to trust him unless you want to buy it.. Scratch that, it's only got 230,000 miles on it. :)
Nope, I dont need it, mine is doing just fine!! Why didn't you just ask this 'small town mechanic' the questions?
Only 230,000 ha, aint broke in yet!! Should go 2X that!
I'm in a difficult position to be asking questions. All I know is it won't start.. :)