my tires seem to be cupped on outside of tires.i do regular maintenance always on 2010 Toyota Camry

like wheel alignment,balancing, and rotating of tires.i continue to have a vibration while driving. nobody is giving me any answers to correct problem .with 15,000 miles on this car and the required amount of air 34lbs in tires this should not be happening.

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you need to have the front end alignment checked again. did you have the dealer check this for you?? you are under warranty even though they may not warranty the tires as they are wear and tear items.

Mine also has done this. Does it make a loud roaring noise which comes from the rear? Mine started at 67,000 miles and was the rear bearing system. This causes the tires to jump and skip on the highway, which causes the cupping. Now my bearing system is going out again at only 93,000 miles. Not a cheap fix either. Will probably have to have the struts replaced also because of the bearing/cupping problem now.