2007 Nissan Versa Q&A

2007 Nissan Versa Question: my timming chain is loose and hitting on my car and making noise

i took to firestone today due to some clanging at times in my moter of a 07 nissan versa.was to know could the tension be broke causing this and could there be more wronge and how much to fix..help..i have had the car 3 days ..and it was bought as is ... -
Answer 1
If it sounds like 'marbles banging aroung in a can', there is a good chance the chain is okay. Nissan timing chains are set to proper tension by oil pressure tensioners. Check your oil level it is probably pretty low. If it is low, fill to proper level and the noise will very quickly go away as the tensioners get more pressure to exert. -
Answer 2
seek a 2nd opinion from a good mech not a chain store. how many miles on car? -