My timing belt broke causing engine damages on 2002 Audi TT

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I was driving like around 40 mph and suddenly my audi tt 2002 126,000 miles stopped. before that, there weren't weird sounds, at least that was what i thought, just and normal-engine noises. there was no smoke and no scary sounds. it just stopped. and the engine would not go on again. i took it to the shop and they told me apparently it is the timing belt broke and the valves as well are bending causing very dangerous and costliness damages. would it worth it?
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your cars "worth" is totally dependant on your personal situation. if its a 225 coupe, has your car at about $7200 in good condition. minus the cost of repairs and your not looking too good. if the car never had a timing belt which would have been due quite a few miles ago then it probably just snapped. the head will need to be removed and either reworked or replaced.