My Terraza acts like the accelerator cable is sticking. on 2005 Buick Terraza

Monday in a light rain on an incline, I could not get the car to move without spinning the left front wheel. I could not get a gentle start. With winter approaching, this could prove dangerous. Does this car use a throttle position sensor instead of an accelerator cable? What is involved in replacing the TPS?

by in Hurst, TX on November 25, 2011
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ANSWER by on November 25, 2011
That engine doesn't use a throttle cable, the throttle housing has a fully electronic unit that incorporates a throttle control motor, throttle position switch all built into one unit. I just looked to see if there were any recalls or service bulletins for the traction control system but there aren't any I see.I would imaging there has to be a problem with the traction control. A Buick comparable scan tool would be needed to look at the ABS, traction control ect... to see if there are faults.
COMMENT by on November 25, 2011
Thank you, There was a loud clicking noise each time the tire spun. So, I need to have the traction control checked.

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