My Temperature gauge reads normal but I have no heat, what can I do to fix this? on 2004 Volkswagen Passat

I've only checked the fluid level. I've been told to replace a few things but I don't want to play Russian roulette with parts and spend a crap ton of money. Just recently had a baby and money is tight. Please help!!!

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ck coolant level 1st thing.
coolant levels are at normal
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You may have a clogged up heater core, go to post your problem and the guys there will help you fix it,advice and write ups on most problems.
U gotta pop hood and go to pass side and feel if those heater hoses r hot with car running ,if 1 hot ,1 cold , the heater cores plugged up,
When it sits and idle the gauge doesn't creep up to hot??
Also what's the milage on car?? Diaper get expensive , wait till u gotta buy the girls coach and gucci pocketbooks..
both hoses are cold
temperature gauge reads normal
mileage is a little bit less than 130k
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