my temperature gage its moving up on high and my engine check engine light on on 2005 Nissan 350Z

I just change my lower radiator hose, but now I have this problem. I'm not sure if I have to add more water with antifreeze when engine cools off or other solution to this problem.

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I would try adding more coolant. Quite likely there is a lot of air in the system that will need to 'bleed out'. If this condition was not present before you changed the hose, then air in the system is the likely cause now. You can go to an autoparts store to get a free read on the check engine light to confirm.
yeah! it did need more coolant. The temperature gauge did drop back down. I will follow up on the check engine lite or any air in the system. Thank You very much on your feed back, I apreciated. ZiggyHD
No problem!
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ck coolant level and fan operation to start with
thanks! ziggyHD