My sunroof will not close all the way, I have the four tier roof. on 2006 Pontiac G6

What would be te cost to repair it, also my driver seat broken, what is the estimated cost.

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seek a visual inspection to determine cost
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Your sunroof is called the "panoramic roof" and there are many things that can go wrong with it. Its really hard to give such an estimate because it could be a small piece of linkage available in a repair kit and cost $200 or it could need a whole new assembly at $2000.

The seat is hard to say, especially not knowing what is wrong with it. If it has power seats and isn't moving, it could just need a switch or a motor. If the seat frame is bent or broken, an entire replacement seat isn't available and would have to be assembled using individual parts.
Thank you very much, the seat moves, but I do believe the frame maybe broken because I heard something pop when adjusting it, and I can feel something poking in the leather, as for the panoramic roof, it will open all the way, but it gets to the small glass to close it won't.
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