My sunroof is leaking into the floor on the driver side and backseat. on 2002 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a sunroof leak into the car floor on the driver side and backseat. I was quoted $700 just in labor to find out what exactly is going on, plus$ for parts once they find what needs to be fixed. Does that sound reasonable?Does anyone have a similar problem and did it get fixed?

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Try looking in the track the sunroof rides in first, for dirt and debris. Clean and remove as needed, There is a drain that the water is supposed to follow and exit the car at the bottom of the quarter panels. if these are plugged water will back up and enter your car in a way your describing. You may also be ablt to blow a little compressed air in the channels to open the drains. If your sunroof isn't closing well or the weather strips are in poor condition this my help but won't fix your problem.