my suburban keeps stalling on 2000 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

it has a rough idle at low speeds and dies when turning into a parking space or into my driveway and just sitting at a red light

Rough idle at low speeds and stalling always makes me think of unmetered air getting into the intake...or a vacuum leak. The throttle plate could be sticking. Or the EGR system could have a restriction. A good diagnostic test should give some good clues as to what needs repaired.
thanks for the response, i'm trying to find out if there is a fuel idle sensor? that might need to be replaced, my wife took it to a repair shop a few years ago with the same problem, it was an easy fix but she cant remember what the mechanic said it was, and i was working out of town at the time, and the guy doesn't work there anymore, but she thinks she remembers him saying something about an idle i'm trying found out if anybody had a similiar problem????? sorry i guess i should have mentioned that in my earlier question.....
I'm sorry, I do not see any "fuel idle sensor".

An easy fix would be a leaking vacuum hose or something disconnected. However, don't forget - the problems of the past may be completely different now. Perhaps someone else will weigh in on this thought, but I would stick to the check outs as described above.
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I agree with Dave. I diagnostic has to be perform to address the problem correctly, without that everything will be just a guess.