My stereo comes on, but I have no volume on 1995 Mercedes-Benz E320

This started a few days ago. When I turn the stero\eo on it displays the station, but I have no volume. Also, my dome light and seatbelt warning lights come on. My door locks started working itermittant at the same time, and I even had one instance of the car not starting until I disconnected the battery for a few minutes and let the alarm system reset. Don't know if this is an alarm problem or related to the stereo or something else. Any ideas?

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based on the yr have an aftermarket stero installed like at best buy. very cheap and not bad
It appears the stereo is tied into the alarm system. Will replacing it cause any problems with the alarm operation?
not sure but ask questions b4 you agree to purchase. you could call a friend of mine and ask. his name is steve and owns west coast autobaun in orange calif. he knows all german cars like the back of his hand. he could answer that.
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