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2006 Kia Sportage Question: My Sportage has suddenly over past 3 months started locking front brakes up

It comes to a complete standstill..first time..undid battery cable to let computer reset itself..it has started doing it about once every ten days..took it to repair shop n replaced the brake switch light..it was fine bout a week & again doing same thing..no codes to computer..any ideas..repair guy wants to replace ABS module for almost $2000..I simply cant afford that & he says he's noy sure that will resolve problem... -
Answer 1
I' was going to say it was abs module -
Answer 2
Next time it does this unplug vacuum hose from brake booster to see if brakes release,, possible booster problem. REATTACH HOSE after test!!! -
Comment 1
Good idea, I wasn't even thinking ,try that with the air... -