My speedometer stopped working and I cannot accelerate. Rpm & odometer are fine. on 2003 Buick Rendezvous

Feels like I can't go faster than 20mph.

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Have it scan tested, sounds like the transmission is not shifting due to inop. speedometer. Needs to be looked at right away!
A friend of mine replaced my speed sensor and that wasn't the cause. He thinks it might be a cluster sensor but wasn't sure if that could be the culprit for to being able to acceleate.
Did both problems start at the same time?
Yes. I remember because I was at a stop sign.

And i meant that he wasn't sure if it was the culprit for no acceleration.

Update: The problem turned out to be corroded wiring.
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More than likely it's your speed sensor located on your on your passenger side of the transmission. I just changed mine and it's working jus fine. If you jack up the passenger side And take off the tire you will see it.
It seems to be fixed already!