My speedometer needle does not light up at night? How can I fix that? on 1995 Lexus ES300

Is there anything I can do to fix this? I bought my car a few days ago. I hope that I wasn't sold a lemon!

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you need to have cluster repaired ck on line or dealer will sell the r/b assm
do you know exactly what needs to be done to the cluster? I have a good mechanic he may be able to do it. Do you know if it is an expensive job?
all i know is the cluster has to come out and they send it out for repair. a general motors cluster is approx 450.00. yours will be more
ok! I just contacted the Auto Parts Store and they advised me that since my dashboard lights up and its just the speedometer, odometer and temperature gauge needle lights that are out, it appears to be that all I need is to replace the light bulbs for each one. That should run me about $40.00 for the 3 bulbs and whatever the mechanic will charge me for the labor! Does that sound correct?
im not sure the bulbs are servicable in that speedo head. google lexus speedometer head on line and then call them and see.yhey will be able to inform u better or just call lexus parts department and ask them.

well, I think that the auto parts warehouse service guy is telling me the truth because if the entire cluster was out, none of the lights would be working. The light bulbs being the problem sounds correct! another auto parts store, Advance Auto Parts, just advised me that same thing. When the cluster needs to be replaced its when nothing works. Replacing light bulbs - in this case, the light bulbs are special kinds as they cost about $13.00 each. I will need 3 for each thing.
ok go for it and let me know how it turns out always willing to learn something new.
Thanks! I will!
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