My speedometer most of the time doesn't work. How can I fix this problem? on 2005 Lexus LX470

i start my car my speedometer working or not working sometime its start working after about 15 min of driving how i can fix this problem?

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Speed sensor or cluster has failed. You'll need to bring it to a shop and have them check it.
how much its gona cost if i want to buy new speedometer cluster or fix old one?
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Check to see if the mileage odometer and cruise keeps working when speedo stops working. If they do keep working that means speed sensor is sending speed signal up to cluster. Speedo cluster may need to exchanged or repaired.
how much its gona cost if i want to buy new speedometer cluster or i have a chance fix old one?
There are several places that can repair your speedo cluster. We use a company near us that does great work and they do them for shops all over the US. It probaly better you get pricing from someone near you. Its not a big job to remove cluster for repairs (about 1 hr labor time). My guess the outsource cost to you on the cluster repair will be the lager cost $500 is my guess.
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