My son has a Honda that has been sitting for 5 years, nothing was drained. on 2000 Honda Accord

What repairs do we need to do? Any idea how much to put it in good running order again? Do you know a good place for this? 94566 area. Thanks

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All good advice, also look in air filter housing make sure rodents have not built a nest and look at integrity of wiring, rodents like to nibble at wiring. Gas may be "gone off" after siting for so long but try to start it with a good battery it should fire. Once running look that fuel rubber lines don't leak!
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just to add, I would change every fluid in the vehicle to start as this time frame causes fluids to separate and is not good for the life of the car. then have it inspected front to back for any needed repairs.

Before you try to start it drain and replace every fluid from the fuel to the engine oil. Check the tires for dry rot but tires will still be needed. Take it easy on the brakes too get the rust, dirt and sediment of the rotors and not damage the pads. Call Jon at Dublin Auto if you need some help.
just out of curiosity, which fluids will seperate?
Check your oil and coolant levels, Charge the battery and start it up. Let it run check for leaks from cooling system and oil