my soft top will not unlatch above the windshield. on 1998 Mercedes-Benz SL500

my soft top will not unlatch above the windshield, any ideas?

After installing my Hydraulic Top locks [rebuilt by TOPHYDRAULICS.COM for $55.00 EACH], I had the same problem. Raise the Top and remove the Strip Panel. GENTLY LIFT IT! ATTACHED UNDER THE BOTTOM OF THE STRIP is a Magnetic Sensor that should hang down by the wire as STRAIGHT DOWN AS POSSIBLE. Reattach the Panel. The Magnetic Sensor is what causes the Top to Lock. It is very sensitive to breakage so be careful. Did this procedure and Top Locks every time. I also saved $569.00 for EACH Hydraulic lock by having the old ones rebuilt with better seals. Turn around time was 3 days and shipping was like $6.00 [USPS "If it fits it ships Box"] and $10.00 for them to send back my locks. I'm One Happy Camper! Did the work myself . Took them off in 20 mins. Watched You Tube Video on how to do it. I'm no Mechanic but I could play one on TV. LOL! Good Luck. P.S. Don't forget to check your fluid . They also recommended same quality MB Fluid at a cheaper price than the $35.00 the dealer wanted. Ask about it.