My shifter moves, yet the truck stays in Park. How do I fix this? on 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer

The truck starts fine, but it will allow me to move the shifter even though it remains in Park.

Good afternoon. I would guess that the shift cable is broken. On the left side of the transmission (under the truck, under the drivers seat area) is where the shift cable attaches to the transmission. If you have a helper move the shifter through the gears while you look at the shift linkage on the side of the transmission (where tha shift cable attaches). If the linkage is not moving, more than likely you have a broken shift cable.
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could be you evap canister follow the gas line from your gas tank and one line will run to the front of the car the other will run to a black box or cylinder none the less its black check there first.