My seat belt warning light is flashing. I suspect retractor switch problem. on 2000 Toyota Corolla

How do I access the drivers retractor to check the switch for problem with flashing seat belt light. Switch is not in the buckle.

by in Kingman, AZ on March 13, 2012
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ANSWER by , March 13, 2012
The switch is normally in the seat belt buckle end not the retractor on Toyotas. I was surprised it was inexpensive when I had to replace it on my Toyota. I will forward you the procedure from the workshop manual from the address from which you posted this question.
COMMENT by , March 14, 2012
Like I said. It's a 2000 Corolla, switch was not in the buckle. However I did find it where I thought it would be, "In the retractor assembly". One of the cogs is broken off of the gear assembly. A trip to the junk yard and $6 and it will be fixed.