My running lights wont work .fuse keeps blowing what do I do ???? on 1996 Honda Civic

I have a 96 honda hatchback ..My running lights wont work and the lightbulbs are fine .but everytime I change the fuse it blows right away any suggestions on how to diagnose the problem so I can drive at night again

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Factory radio , or recently installed aftermarket radio? Any other aftermarket items that are tied into lighting system?.........Random thought.........remove ALL bulbs in system involved and re-install one by one until fuse blows and that'll help narrow down area of short (unless you have a diagram).
Yes I have an aftermarket radio and have tryed narrowing it down only thing I can think of is an exposed wired or some kind of short would you by xhance know of somewhere that can diagnose where a short would be in the line or ?
I agree with ziptie and a drl module is short for daytime running light module
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you have a short somewhere I would start by checking the drl module
What is a drl module .... kinda a bumb skull when it come to this