My Rondo began shuddering/driving rough overnight. on 2007 Kia Rondo

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I took it to have the check engine code read, and confirmed that a spark plug is mis-firing. My question is this - where can I find decent diagrams of the wires and spark plugs so I can do the repair myself? I'm mechanically inclined, spark plugs wouldn't be a problem but the Rondo's setup is new to me.
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I am having the same problem. I did change the spark plugs-What a pain!!! If you have the 6 cyl. you have to take the intake manifold off to get to the back plugs. My engine light is still on. Now the code is reading not only misfire but possibly also VIS solenoid. I am also mechanically inclined but I am considering taking to a mechanic before I just keep spending money on different parts that are not correcting the problem. I do have instructions to change the plugs. If you would like them just answer here and I will send them to you.