my right turn indicators stopped working. The left turn indicators work fine-why on 1999 Buick Park Avenue

both right and left indicators work when the hazard button is depressed. the right arrow on the instrument panel does not show up at all. The front and rear indicators on the right hand side do not respond at all when the lever is in the right turn position. The brake lights and hazard lights work fine. Last Friday, all of a sudden, the right turn indicators stopped working altogether while the left turn indicators continue to work well.

great--is there more than one flasher? Yesterday my auto parts guy found only one--the hazard lights flasher--on his parts list. And the hazard lights all work fine.
there should be 2 flashers
thanks--I'll have the guy look for the listing.
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The turn signal circuits pass through the hazard switch contacts too. Sometimes the grease in the switch dries out and prevents a good connection. Try the four ways on and off repeatedly, while occasionally putting just a little pressure forward and rearward on the button and see if the turn signals start to work correctly again.
Thanks much. It's worth a try before I squeeze under the steering column to feel for the flasher(s).