My right back wheel will not turn. on 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan

I just had an oil change and my brakes checked, they mentioned something about not being able to check my rear brakes due to rust afraid of breaking something. Now my right wheel feels like I have the emergency brake and it will not turn. Before I take it back in to be repaired I would like to have some idea what the problem is. Any help oy there

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They were afraid or could not take of the rear brake drum probably due to a build up of rust around the lip of the rear brake drum. It could be now that the rear hand brake cable is stuck or dragging. Driving it may cause more damage.
thanks for some input. I feel like I have been sabataged, everthing was fine when I took it in.
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Your right rear brake assembly is probably locked up due to worn out shoes/drums, misadjustment, worn/damaged return springs and adjusters, or wheel cylinder leakage (contamination of shoes/drums).
well,that can be the cv axle than can be