2000 Saturn LS2 Q&A

2000 Saturn LS2 Question: My reduced power light is on and my car wont start.

Changed the throttle body and still car wont start. -
Answer 1
most likely that throttle body needs to be programed -
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How do I program the throttle body? And another thing that is funny is if I take the air flow casing off and position the throttle plate with my hand the reduced power light will go off and it will stay running but when I let it go it will pop a few times and stall out. But when the reduced power light is off the engine will run fine. -
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most likely would have to be done at a dealer, electronic throttlebodies need to be programmed to the ECM.. -
Answer 2
check for spark and fuel pressure -
Answer 3
When installing new throttle body or ECM, the throttle position has to be learned by the ECM. To do this, turn Ignition On, Engine Off, for 30 seconds . -
Answer 4
agree with alll posts,next time research 1st -
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I had a crazy thought but it might be right. I had a different car a while back, and by accident Put some diesel. Fuel in it and reacted the same way. So my question is, do u think if somebody put something in the tank that is not combustible it would have this affect. I thought of this because when I sprayed the cold start in to the throttle and press the gas pedal it idled right then stalled. What do u think? -