My rear wheel is bent in on 1999 Ford Taurus

Ive read it could be my lateral track bar but i havnt seen anything online about those only on Jeeps and high preformance cars.

any idea what it may be , thought it could be the tie rod but that seems to only be on the front . any help ?

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Can you look underneath and compare the components from the good side and see what is different on the bent side.
Im fairley novice so idk if i could tell what anything would be called lol . the tension strut (what i believe to be the tension stutt ) is rubbing the inside of my rim . I was in a small accident and was hit in the rear wheel . I used a donut for few days then put the regular one on it stopped rubbing (it was grinding down the metel) till it finally wasnt touching. Ive stopped driving it now it was "melting" the inside of my tire
The strut is the, replacement for the shock, or the lower control arm. If you could identify what the part looks like, the part stores will have pictures of those components, to find the nomenclature.
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