my rear left wheel is out of specs. severe alignment issue on 2002 Honda Civic

i got 2 alignments and then i found out that an alignment wont fix the problem. i went to a honda dealership and firestone and they both confirmed that my left rear wheel is "out of specs". Honda wanted to charge me to $1300 to fix the problem. the car is an '02 and is only worth $5000-$5500 according to Kbb.

firestone couldn't even give me an estimate on it but the mechanic recommended that I get new front tires and rotate at every oil change. the car pulls some when i drive that i am used to steering it straight.

is there a better price to get this fixed.

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yes, stay away from the dealer and go to another shop that can identify the failed part and give you a bid.

The trailing arm bushings wear on those cars but there are after market bushings available that are cheap and easier to replace, find a good shop in your area that specialize in Honda/Acura.
hi thear is a repair kit for the rear two upper control arm and shocks.
the parts run about $400 to $500 labor $250 + alignmnet.