2001 Lincoln Navigator Q&A

2001 Lincoln Navigator Question: my rear air susp isnt working cant hear comp.running, switch on..reset maybe???

was towed without turning off switch, but the problem occured a few weeks later. no air suspension in the rear at all! Please help -
Answer 1
best to get compressor tested. if compressor checks out, than look to program. -
Answer 2
Not uncommon to have air suspension failures at the age of your car. Likely the pump has failed due to overworking with system leaks from air bag springs. -
Answer 3
get pump tested or install aftermarket non air susp kit, i think its a better way to go considering cars age -
Comment 1
Greg is correct...in most cases it is less overall cost to install aftermarket springs/shocks and still have a good ride. -
Comment 2
also more dependable than air. -