my rav 4 has 60000 miles should i have the timing belt relaced on 2003 Toyota RAV4

timing belt replacement

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timing belts are due at between 60k and 90k look in your owners book
As stated , if possible check the owners manual. Judging from your mileage/age of vehicle stated , you don't drive a lot. I would recommend water pump and seal inspection and if in doubt replace them so your not paying again in six months , to pull it all apart again to replace any of them. Many shops (including dealers) are now quoting prices for timing belt jobs and not including anything but simple t-belt replacement (no seals etc.) and many consumers end up finding out the hard way , that inexpensive is not always 'inexpensive'.
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yes it sould be replaced around that mileage
2003 is a timing chain not a belt