My question is do I replace the Blower Motor, Resistor or both on 2002 Cadillac DeVille DTS

My question is do I replace the motor or resistor or both, I have found the motor but I have no ideal where the resister is, this is what it do....

- Occasionally works turns on
- Slamming the right hand side passenger door would temporarily fix the problem
- Hit a pot hold it will come on, I live in Mich.
- Tapping on the blower motor metal housing with the handle of a screw driver will come on
- Wiggle the blower motor power source - Blower motor turns on
- Wiggle the housing - Blower motor turns on.

I can't understand I only have 66k on the car

When the blower comes on it works fine but when I turn the car off and start up again I have to start hitting and tapping the dawn thing again till it comes back on. Once it's on it stays on till I shut down.

I have COPD and for me any task these days are hard for me, so I will have to have someone fix this for me but I need to know witcth to replace once they take out the blower and replace it and find that it's the resister will they have to take the blower out again to put it on or in ?

Another thing is that I hear that the Motor for my car has 2 designs, how can I tell witch design I have ? and if I have to buy both can I take the other back for a refund being a eletrcial part?

Thank you all in advance,

you have a bad connection on the motor,, might try replacing the blower motor only..
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most likely the motor.
I had the same trouble it would sometime go on and off when I hit a bump. Turned out to be the blower motor located under the dash on the passenger side (after you remove some panels etc.) Meanwhile you can keep the heat on high set to the defrosters, use the rear defroster and keep the rear seat blower on high. Of course the heated seats help, turn them all on. Until I got it figured out I actually placed an electric heater in the car on cold nights and plugged it in about a half hour before I had to leave for work and kept nice and toasty. It was better than nothing! Good luck