2008 Ford Escape Q&A

2008 Ford Escape Question: My power steering quit.Turned engine off for 10 min and restarted & it works.

Is it safe to drive? It's been OK for 2 days for short trips. -
Answer 1
Is it locking up and not turning, could burn the belt. -
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No. it's working fine no noise etc. If it's run by the computer could it have been a glitch in computer, like when idiot lights come on and go away or stuff like that? -
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I don't know of any electronics in the power steering to run it. The only thing I remember is a pressure switch that will disengage the A/C on hard turns and steering pressure is high. Cold temperature has an effect on steering gears and such, and flushing the steering system helps. I do a BG Power Steering flush on several systems to increase performance on troubled systems. Yours might fall under this category. -
Answer 2
Have it scanned, electronic steering, should have code! -
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Thanks. My question is: Is it safe to drive? I'm going on a fishing trip about 600 miles and I'd hate to get stuck somewhere. -
Answer 3
This sounds typical of the symptoms that Ford has generated a recall for. recall was sent out this past July, 2014. They will most likely flash the software, they did mine. 2008 Ford escape -