my power out let and rear wiper quit working which fuse will fix it on 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I was useinf a 12 volt heater when I lost power all the fuses I check look good

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In addition, the owners manual has that information!
Next answer; In that case you should get one!
Are you getting ice or snow. We are still frozen with no relief till next week.
A little sleet this am, nothing right now but freezing rain on the way this pm. I saw yall's mess on the weather channel, WOW! Thas kinda unusual aint it?
Yeah; It has been under 32deg for over 30 days before but not with the amount of sleet we had at the beginning of the cold spell.
Well as long as the power dont go out it aint too bad!
PR Watching Eagles game, is it snowing that bad at your place.
LOL! No thank God, aint that a mess!!! Sleeting here now but it was like 55° yesterday and 70 day before, that is the only thing saving us from a real mess, at least for awhile.
It's 33 here now w/sun and 3" of ice, some starting to thaw, not enough, re freeze tonite.
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The front outlet is from fuse #16 in the TIPM in engine compartment.
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