my power accessory outlets do not work. Have replaced the fuse. Any other ideas? on 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 HD

The 2 outlets up front and the one in the center rear console for the backseat.

Did you plug in another device to see if IT works?
Yes I did. I tried several different plug ins and they did not work. I plugged them into my other vehicle and they worked fine.
Recheck 'ALL' fuses under hood and on the dash, even if it seems that it can't affect that circuit! Best done with a test light on each side of each fuse.
Have fixed a BUNCH of elect. problems by just finding a bad fuse. Look closely on the dash fuse box with light some fuses are hard to see, easy to miss one! Is anything else not working, any lights say third brk. lamp, dome , cargo light ect. I have another possibility.
everything else seems to work fine. Just the three outlets. I have had the "service air bag" light come on about the same time the outlets stopped working. I will check all fuses.
Good deal. Let us know what you find.