My passenger sliding door has quit working. Is the motor in the door? on 1997 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Just before it quit it would work and then not work. It would work on and off for about a month before it quit completely. Also occassionaly my left turn signal will blink fast as if there is a bulb burned out somewhere but there isn't. It goes back to working properly after I turn it off for about 2 minutes.

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poss ground issues or bad bulb socket for blinker.
Thank you very much I will check that out.
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I had a similar problem which I solved by lifting the carpeting in front of the passenger seat and finding a corroded wire which was easily spliced. The wire was beneath the carpet where the front seat passenger's feet would rest. A salesman told me to check that, suggesting that must be a common problem and solution.
how can i fix this
Exposing the wire, cutting off the corroded ends, baring those ends, connecting them(in my case there was plenty of slack, wrapping them up with electrical tape. Easily done, total expense: electrical tape, probably under $1.00 or probably laying around your home somewhere. Have you already fixed it?
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