2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Q&A

2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Question: my pass window will not work, only with the master switch on drivers side.

the pass switch is new and worked for 1 day then back to not working but the master switch on the drivers side does and controls it.Very frustrating , has never really worked since bought truck new. -
Answer 1
Poor/loose wire connection at the pass. side switch. -
Comment 1
I checked the connections and shook them, all the connections look good but still doesn't operate the window -
Comment 2
Here it is!! If it aint the switch and it aint the wiring,,,it aint the motor cause it works from the master switch. Connot be fixed i guess! -
Comment 3
same Q,but I have 4 doors.All windows work from driverside,but no window works individualy. -