My parked unrunning Isuzu Ascender's dome lights turn on and off by themselves. on 2005 Isuzu Ascender

I have unlocked it and checked all the doors/hatch to make sure nothing caught in the doors. What is causing this?

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possible BCM issue
Thank you will have that checked!
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Keyless entry? Does it do this at other places you go or just at home? I may have a "guess"as to what it is.
Yes it only does this at home! Also doesn't do it every single night. It is supposed to be keyless entry but I do not have a remote.
Are the doors ever locked or unlocked opposite the way you left them? I am going to GUESS something is sending a signal that does this.
Check around and see if you have any electronic gadgets that may do this. What is happening around the house when this occurs? Again just a guess. Neighbors house close to yours?
Good luck!
Thank you so much! Haven't actually found it unlocked, just the lights going on and off.
You are welcom, other answers may come closer to the problem! But why not give all possible scenarios a chance?
have codes in bcm scanned and post so we can adv
Thank you I will do this and reply asap.