my paint on my car looks like it was splashed with paint thinner on 2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara

it won't wash off and the collision center thinks its from under thepaint

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agree with both 1 and 2 answers
Hey Greg...are you in the top shop program? Does it work ok for ya?
yes i am , it works well most of the time but alittle slow right now.iv gotten jobs the range from 500.00 to 6000.00. call me if you want more in 714-633-8219
Can't see it from here. Have to go with the collision center , or get a second opinion from another body shop , that can see it up close.
I did that before but they ignored me. New people are looking at my car at dealer on Monday but they say it out of warrenty.
Best to take it to a Suzuki dealer and have then check it for you.