My "Owwwwwwwdeee" on 1996 Audi A4 Quattro

Thanks...I've owned about 7 Audis (my best friend is an Audi tech for 20 years) but he now has two kids an hour away so he'll nail the issue for me but I'm trying to fix it up here myself and give John some ideas as to what is wrong before I drop it off at his place. I never go to dealers and did so twice...unfortunately,they don't have the experience my friend John Miller does here in NJ...I'll check out your suggestions though they sound plausible...I've even listened to the fuel pump for that 'sound' could be cutting out - maybe I'll throw another one in anyway since the car has 206k miles on doesn't owe me anything! Thanks, Kathy

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Still do the tests. A fuel pump is pretty expensive on these cars. Before you do this, check the FUEL PRESSURE. Why spend 200-300 dollars that may not fix your problem.
Good Luck.