My oil pressure gauge drops when I stop. I have changed the oil pressure sensor on 2006 Nissan Frontier

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but that didn't resolve the problem. I was told by a mechanic that I need to change the oil pump but that still may not resolve the low pressure problem, what can I do?
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Did this mechanic 'look'at your vehicle?
He did an oil pressure check with a machine and found that it was low, which indicated to him that the oil pump may be bad. The oil light had been coming on; but doesn't anymore as I had the oil changed and put a higher quality oil filter.
Any noise from the engine at idle? Change oil every 3,000 miles will also help.
No noise from the engine, and I've done regular oil changes for the last 5 years I've had my truck. I'm good on keeping up the maintance. I'm driving the truck now, because I don't have any other transportation; but i'm concerned with the pressure.
What weight and type/brand of oil do you use? What brand filter? What was the lowest & highest pressure readings the mechanic got?
First of all, the mechanic did not give me any pressure readings, although my brother took a reading with a manual pressure reader and found the pressure at 10 psi. I've taken my truck to the same place for oil changes and they put 5W30. And the filters have usually been Valvoline, the economic one. My brother changed the oil about 2 weeks ago with 10W30 and installed a better quality filter which turned off the oil light. I think the oil is Valvoline also.
10 psi is acceptable at idle!! Valvoline ia as good as anyhing you can use. As long as the light doesn't come on and stay on drive the h..l out of it without worry!
Correction on those pressure readings. @2000 rpm it is @ 40psi and @ idle it is @ 9 psi (normal operating temperature) Sorry I had to double check, although the last one sounded better! There is also the concern of the pressure gauge dropping each time I stop.
That is what it is going to do as it has less pressure @ idle! Drive it!
Thank you for all the information and for your prompt attention.
U bet!
man im having the same problem but its going down to about 20 psi and the motor is going a little over 210 about 215 220 what wrong
the lower the speed the lower the pressure, if u had oil or blue smoke coming out when u had the catalytic converter off, that's a sign of wearing out piston rings, if pressure proceeds to go down in time, all u can do is go to a thicker oil or do piston rings on engine