My Mustang quit running on 1996 Ford Mustang

If the magnets fall out of the camshaft and crankshat sensors and they are replaced and the car still will not start does the ECM need to be repalced or could there be something else causing a shortage?

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Just because you put the magnets back in doesn't mean they will send the proper signal if any to the ECM, So you might want to change those sensors to eliminated the possibility that they are faulty
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check all wires. my 96 did some thing.the wires on the back of the motor fell on the egr tube and was putting out the wrong code.did some thing you are doing.i got all the sensers it was doing the some. take it to ford dealer.he fix the wires and has not happened again.1000 down for wires that i like at hundreds of time cost 300 to fix. so 1300 down now put runs like new hope this helps. fastgt