My mustang makes a knocking noise inside the motor on the passenger side. on 2001 Ford Mustang

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when my engine Is cool I hear nothing but as soon as my motor starts warming up I hear a knocking on my motor and its everytime I'm pushing the gas pedal. I checked my spark plugs and one of my spark plugs keeps having oil all around the plug.. what can that be? Is my motor now messed up and have to buy a new motor or what should I do? can I just replace the piston itself or do I need the whole motor redone? And how much would it be for my repair in your solution to this.
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Find out exactly what engine is in your 2001 MUSTANG cause it did not come form the factory with a 4 cylinder engine! Not since 1993 anyway. Need to know which engine it has, maybe a 3.8 V/6?
Its a 3.8 v6
Most likely a connecting rod bearing is worn out, the best thing to do is have a mechanic listen to it! Oil AROUND the spark plug is most likely from a leaky valve cover gasket. How many miles on the car? Been run hard? Been serviced properly? This is usually a very durable engine!
It has 82, 000 miles on it exactly. Service has been made and I do take It for long runs everyday meaning 98 miles driven everyday. And I do sometimes do u speed up alittle
Have a mechanic check it out. Good mech. can tell pretty quick if it's a bad deal or not, souldn't cost you much at all.
I was told just by some random guy that a piston is messed up. Would I have to rebuild the whole motor or how does that work
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try a manual oil pressure test to start with,hot and cold
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