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2001 Ford Mustang Question: my mustang is having problems due to vacuum hoses.



clairethebear88, Los Angeles, CA, November 19, 2012, 17:00

my mustang is having problems due to hoses. i've had this problem before, but i don't know which hoses are causing it. my rpm idles high for long when i start the car, and when it idles, it will sometimes squeak then dip far below 1000 rpm and then die. it usually idles just under 1000 rpm. it's also losing power giving me bad mileage. i was told it was because a hose that creates a vacuum is loose and needs to be connected firmly. which hose is this and where is it located under the hood. it would save me money and time in the future if i can just fix this myself. i have a 2001 v6 manual ford mustang. thanks!

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