my mother was told today she needs her transmission flushed oil is to dirty on 2006 Buick Lucerne

I was told this could be a good thing or bad thing the car has 81,000 miles on it and not sure if she has had this done before what does it mean that this could be a good thing or bad thing. and her check tire persure light keeps comimg on but the tires are fine

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81k is not too many miles to have the transmission flushed, if it was say 150, I would hold off, because by then there is usually too much wear on the valve body by the dirty fluid and a flush, in some cases, can hurt the transmission. As for the tires, it is most likely a bad tire pressure monitoring valve in one of the tires that keeps setting the TPMS light. A good scan tool ( not a parts store type ) will be able to sort out which valve it is.