My MDX started downshifting to 1st while driving.Usually between 3 & 4th. on 2002 Acura MDX

It only lasts a second then kicks back into 3rd or 4th for a while. I really feel it(like the brakes getting slammed on).It happened about 6 times on my 10 mile drive usually around 35MPH.Any Ideas? Tranny oil level looked ok. Slightly brown. I drained and refilled about 4 years ago. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Call dealer for possible recall or TSB involving the VSA system activating brakes unexpectedly , maybe something similar to the honda pilot. Worth a check, might be a free repair!
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These vehicles have some transmission pressure solenoid issues. It could be one of them acting up, or it could be the trans fluid. Have the TCM scanned for codes.