2006 Chrysler Pacifica Q&A

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Question: My lights flicker, radio shuts off, & vehicle. What could be the cause?

While driving or just it sitting while on the lights flicker, & the car shuts off but cranks back up, the radio also shuts off, & you can hear like electrical wires misfiring what could be causing this? -
Answer 1
Battery is bad Battery terminal positive probably lose Or check your battery terminal negative probably lose -
Comment 1
I've had the battery checked and was told it was good, also had terminals cleaned & tighten. I've also had the alternator checked and was told it was good also. I'm no mechanic but I do know it's electrical, and not one mechanic I've taken it to been able to give me results -
Comment 2
Tell your mechanic to run another ground 0 gauge wire from negative battery to body make sure it's clean contact with the body -
Answer 2
is your check engine light on? -
Comment 1
No it comes on only when I first crank up then goes out. This is probably why the mechanics I've gone to can't pinpoint a problem. -
Answer 3
Next time this happens, wiggle the ignition key a little to see if power returns, possible ignition 'electrical' switch problem... -