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1990 Lexus LS400 Question: my Lexus auto gearbox get reverse but no forward gears.



Pottie, 4.0L V8, Garnet Valley, PA, April 27, 2014, 03:10

I reside in South-Africa. I bought a Colt 4x4 truck that is converted. It's got a Lexus(first generation V8 motor with a 4 speed auto gearbox). An aftermarket Engin and Gearbox management is provided by Spitronics. It seems if the vehicle is in neutral. Gearbox and shifter linkages were checked and is fine. I drained oil from box and first impression was,that it was dirty a kind off brounish colour.Secondly it were almost about +/- 10 liter, wich seems to be to much. Could this two resons be the problem,or could it be something else? I already dropped the oil pan aswell. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jacques(Pottie)

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