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1997 Buick LeSabre Question: My LeSabre won't start.

My problem is this. My Le Sabre won't start. I get one little turn-over on start up. I cleaned all my contacts (battery, starter,alternator, ect)and still had the same problem. Tested my alternator and it checked out fine. Next, I tested my starter, and it checked out fine. The battery was fairly old anyway, so I bought a new battery. And still, the same problem. It just started doing this, and I'm wondering if there is a more serious problem. -
Answer 1
Take the/serpentine belt off and try it... -
Comment 1
If I take the serpentine belt off, what am I looking for? Whats it supposed to do or NOT do? Thanks for the help. -
Comment 2
There probably a seized pulley and the motor wont turn or the engine is. Bound up Take it off and try it or get a breaker bar on Pulley nut and try turning over by hand with belt on.. -
Comment 3
I took the belt off and checked the water pump and a/c compressor pulleys by hand. Should they turn freely? They ALL seem to turn easily. Also on turn-over, which turns REAL slow, I heard a squeaking sound. -
Comment 4
Start it up with belt off and see if it starts -
Comment 5
I took the serpentine belt off, and I got the same result. It turned over REAL slow. Just like with the belt on. -
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