my keyless didnt open both doors, so i gotten two batterys for it at mb shop. on 2005 Mercedes-Benz SL500

try it the second time still didnt open, took out the secong dairy key & started the car. wheather degrees about 30 f night time, radio goes on & off & the inside head lamp lights didnt work. after car has warmed up everything is fine. still the radio has issues, sometimes it will work other times no.could it be fuses, relay or what any answers guys thks rich,

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thks again greg i will
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Have battery and alternator checked. Alternator could be going bad.
thks i will
This issue has been discussed on other sites, and I have experienced it myself. In my case, an error of "Convenience Services temporarily not available" appeared, and the radio did weird things, interior lights, seat heaters, etc. did not work. After driving the SL for awhile, error message went out, and convenience issues went away. This happened several days in a row before I researched it.

CAUSE AND FIX: The trunk battery, that controls these things, is discharged. When you drive the car, this battery is charged just enough for the errors to go away. In my case, I charged the rear trunk (convenience) battery overnight (no need to disconnect it), and the error has not shown up since. My ability to raise and lower the roof without the car running also reappeared.

Would be interested if others have had this experience.
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